Manchester Fireworks

Have a big event? Why not have an amazing firework display to some music of your choice.

If you looking for something a little different for your big day or event then why not look at booking a Pyromusical display?

Pyromusical displays are firework shows choreographed to music by our award winning design team and by using the latest state of the art digital firing system we are able to incorporate breath taking sequences with split second timings synchronised to music of your choice.

With many years of experience in the pyrotechnics industry, we have become a specialist in the art of mixing Fireworks to Music and have Choreographed some of the finest musical fireworks displays the UK has ever seen. We have gained a huge wealth of knowledge over the past years allowing us to shock and awe your guests with an amazing production.

Fireworks with Music can be maximised by choosing tracks with peaks and troughs where we will use single shot fireworks such as comets and shells to be fired at each of the beats.

Our music studio in Manchester means we can mix any of your desired tracks seamlessley to give you the perfect pyromusical firework experience.

Our pricing includes the hire of a professional PA system or we can plug in to the sound system at your venue.